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2012 Art of Fashion-RAW Design Competition

Who will win the 16th annual Art of Fashion: Most Promising Designer Competition? Here are  seven finalists vying for the title.

'Fashion is our Platform, Labels are for Clothes"

Ten finalists vying for the title exhibited their designs to judges and the fashion community at a VIP fashion exhibit and cocktail reception yesterday, September 29th, at the Shops at Hazelton Lanes. Art of Fashion is a volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion of new Canadian fashion talent.

Winners of the RAW Design Competition will be selected based on theme interpretation, exhibit, personal expression, cohesion, technical skills, creativity and overall design potential. The winner will receive up to a $30,000 prize pack.

The People’s Choice Award 2012, voted by you, the public will also be announced.  Here are some of my picks. Cast your vote now at www.artoffashion.org


1. Anouk Moran“The Resplendent Warrior
“I sought to capture the tension between the shell and its wearer, to expose the delicate balance that only raw emotion could purge. I unified masculine tailoring with the delicate burst of feminine romanticism, creating precise and hardened shapes through the luxury of drape.”

Anouk Moran 'Resplendent Warrior'



2. Charlotte Ghesquiere and Andrea Kuntz – “Orb”
“ORB is a portrayal of the raw human condition; from an untouched form of new life to a distortion of innocence.  ORB represents the purity of morning as it dissolves into night,just when the moonlight spills through the fog.”

Charlotte Ghesquiere and Andrea Kuntz - "Orb"



3. Amy Yuen – “Six Elements”
“My inspiration is taken from the Five Elements of the Universe – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. I’ve added the sixth elements – Energy. Each outfit represents one element.

Amy Yuen 'Six Elements'


4. Jennie Uhlman – “Undulation”
“The physical construction of the garment is just as important as the overall appearance. I wanted to use this method to showcase and enhance the female form, exposing and accentuating its shape, without hiding or inhibiting its composition.”

Jennie Uhlman - 'Undulation'



5. Robyn Germanese – “Morsus”- bitten
“The body is exaggerated, and exposed through the clothes becoming a part of the garment. Wounds are reveled in what is supposed to be armor (the clothing). That pain is inescapable no matter how stoic a person may seem.”

Robyn Germanese - “Morsus”- bitten



6. Ryan Joelson – “Rough-hewn”
“In Rough-hewn I created sculptural petals by cutting shot taffeta on the bias which I will then heat treat with a soldering iron on the to allow a rough yet delicate finish.”

Ryan Joelson - "Rough-hewn"



7. Tess Elizabeth – “Unrefined Being”
“I made use of various natural materials, such as feathers, wooden beads, organic cottons and knitted wools to reinforce my idea. I decided to use methods of fabric manipulation, such as the torn and crumpled fabric pieces on the floor-length dress and wrap knit collar dress, to create that unrestrained, nature-made appearance”

Tess Elizabeth - "Unrefined Being"


And the winner is…….




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