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Revlon recently hosted a Moon Manicure – Dab & Gab nail event to preview their Spring 2011 nail collection and demonstrate some of the trendy new looks in nail art–like stripes, the moon manicure, and the updated French manicure. Nail artisans at Tips Nail Bar – 844a Danforth Avenue, turned out precision perfect designs, all painted by hand, no stencils whatsoever.

I choose the moon manicure, which paints a half circle near the cuticles, done in grey (Stormy 820) with a light green (Beach 310) moon accent. Beach is part of a collection called Scent of Summer Nail Enamel collection, polishes with a ‘summer fragrance’ added, though, it still smells like regular nail polish to me. Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel is my absolute favourite because of the runway-worthy shades and, most importantly, it sets completely in 2 minutes, which is perfect for smudge prone nails like mine.

This is an affordable treat you’ll enjoy. Revlon’s Scented Nail Enamel, $6.50. Available for a limited time until June 2011. Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel, $6.50. Available at drugstores and mass-market retailers nationwide.


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